Politics of change

“Remember what we discussed” he said this morning.

To which I replied “No, what did we discuss?”

“It is getting complicated” he said. ” You said it gets complicated and it is getting complicated.”

The voice of protest

Z is a  film based on the 1966 novel by Vassilis Vassilikos, addressing the events surrounding the assassination of the democratic Greek politician Grigoris Lambrakis in 1963. A film that captured the director’s outrage about the junta that then ruled Greece.

The voice of protest.

A far cry from the images of Russian tanks lumbering their way into Ukraine sporting what, for me at least, has always been a symbol of freedom lost.  Defiance and testimony to a future that is yet to come. The film’s title refers to a popular Greek protest slogan meaning “he lives,” in reference to Lambrakis.

The folly of man and if we have ever needed testimony to thefuture it is now.


In order to endure, to grow and to develop, a system of government needs to change, adapt and evolve. If it doesn’t it eventually turns on itself fragmenting to the point where it has to be reinvented and replaced.

When I was searching for content about the need to communicate I came across an article based on another quote about the unreasonable man.

Appearing at first to be a conradiction.

The Rhodesian bush war

After being asked what I would do differently, I am still at it all these years later. Still working on it.  It is difficult.  Difficult to admit that nothing is ever as simple as it could be.


Ex Montibus Media



New book sheds new light on Elim massacre


Questions without Answers

The need for an equitable distribution of wealth is something that Jamie Himlin-Ladd feels strongly about. Whilst at the same time questioning the inevitable outcome and on the impact on society.

Questions about the disparity between the needs of those who have more than is conscionably justified and those that do not have enough to survive.

The answers lie in our understanding of of what wealth actually means and how we define the the concept of self interest. Simple things that have got bent out of shape and distorted by the pace of globalisation.


” the paths I follow fan out, coverge and disappear in a swirl of dust “

Difficult to know where to start or where it will all end. We are merely spectators, witnesses to everything we experience.

The move

I have been living in the UK for two long years now. Separated from my family by a hostile environment.

It is tough.

The official policy, created by successive British Governments to discourage the endless flow of economic immigrants from the Third World.

Moving to the UK

Self-drive tours Namibia

Travel information Namibia

Ngepi Camp is one of those special places. It situated in Okavango delta panhandle in the Western Caprivi strip in Namibia

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Conference centres

Conference venues at a game farm

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