In order to endure, grow and develop, a system of government needs to change, adapt and evolve. When I was searching for content about the need to communicate I came across an article based on another quote about the unreasonable man.

Appearing at first to be a conradiction.

The Rhodesian bush war

After being asked what I would do differently, I am still at it all these years later. Still working on it.  It is difficult.  Difficult to admit that nothing is ever as simple as it could be.

Ex Montibus Media

New book sheds new light on Elim massacre


” the paths I follow fan out, coverge and disappear in a swirl of dust “

Difficult to know where to start or where it will all end. We are merely spectators, witnesses to everything we experience.

African Diaspora

I have been living in the UK for two long years now. Separated from my family by a hostile environment.

It is tough.

The official policy, created by successive British Governments to discourage the endless flow of economic immigrants from the Third World.

Moving to the UK


Sharing is caring. But what incentive is there for writers to write? To ask the questions that need to be asked, to explore and open the doors to what is new and exciting?

We have all the tools we need. But not the means.

This is what we need to change. At the beginning of everything we know today, webmasters would scour the net looking for sites with which they could exchange links and interact. But those days are gone. Just as most of the technical obstacles we all used to encount are gone.

Today anyone can set up a hosting account and a web site of their own with the minimal amount of help and without breaking the bank. Something that should ensure that this be a golden age. The realisation of all the dreams, hopes and aspirations. A culture that facilitates the free transfer of skills and know how.

But reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Greed and stupidity have dumbed it down to the point where we no longer communicate. And that needs to change.

Self-drive tours in Namibia

Travel information Namibia

Ngepi Camp is one of those special places. It situated in Okavango delta panhandle in the Western Caprivi strip in Namibia

The camp is laid out under the canopy of trees with a river frontage. And during the season it is surrounded by water becomming an island. Lying between Mahango National park, and the Bwabwata National Park directly opposite across the river there is an abundance of game.



Conference venues at a game farm

Intundla Conference and Team Building Venue is located in prime game reserve surroundings in Gauteng. The Conference and Team Building Venue is close enough to Pretoria’s main business hub, but far enough away to instil that “out of office” feeling where you can focus on business without any distractions.

We have 7 meeting rooms that can be arranged to suit your conference size and requirements. Our Conference Co-ordinating Team are dedicated to helping you get the maximum value from your conferencing experience at Intundla.

Our first rate conference facilities, natural environment, attention to detail, flexibility and efficient staff have ensured that Intundla Conference and Team Building Venue remains a popular favourite for conference organisers, companies and conference attendees.